What type of paper can be recycled?
Most paper can be recycled. The key to success is separating the paper into the following:

White Paper: White paper (with some colored graphics is fine); Xerox paper, typing paper and computer paper. (If you produce a lot of computer paper waste, separate this into a separate barrel.)

Newspaper: Newspaper can be separated from other papers to help recycling efforts.

Cardboard: All cardboard needs to be broken down and kept seperate from other papers. Boxes not broken down cannot be picked up.

Mixed Paper:
Primarily all other paper: White paper primarily all colored markings; magazines; notebook paper; colored paper; and linen or woven paper.

Do you recycle aluminum or plastic products?
Any aluminum or plastic container with the ‘CA Redemption Value’ marking may be recycled through our program.

What items are NOT accepted?
For various reasons, we cannot accept any wet paper, stamps or stickers, paper cups, fast food containers, NCR paper, "carbon copy" paper, or candy & gum wrappers.

How do we get our recyclables ready for pick-up?
Whenever possible, please remove staples, paperclips and rubber bands. Also, letters and documents should be removed from envelopes or file folders; otherwise, a sorting processing fee might be incurred.

How is the recycling money used?
Southside Art Center Recycling Division is a non-profit agency that uses all the fees you pay to employ and keep jobs available for adults with developmental disabilities.

What about confidentiality?
Recyclables are picked up and delivered to our facilities where they are immediately disposed of into a mulcher for confidentiality purposes. We also offer shredding services for additional fees. Call and inquire if you require shredding.

Where can I find labels for my recyling bins?
You can download PDF labels from our website and print them from your PC. The links to these labels are provided below, simply select the label you need and it will open in a new window for you to print.

Cardboard White Paper Mixed/Colored Paper
Plastic Bottles Aluminum Cans Aluminum Cans & Plastic Bottles

Thank you for participating in our recycling program and for helping to keep California clean!