Recycling moves us closer to reaching our goal of providing jobs for adults with developmental disabilities.

The future of recycling at Southside Art Center looks bright. We now have three pick-up crews and work 5 days week. With our successful partnership with the State of California, we expect to grow and operate throughout the entire state. Expanding our operations will provide many more jobs throughout California for people with developmental disabilities and non-profit organizations. Also, it will help California be more environmentally sound.

With the added concern of privacy, we are preparing to add a vehicle for on-site shredding. This would help open new doors in the recycling industry to provide even more jobs for the people we serve. With shredding, we’ll be able to grow our private route and to expand our current services to the state offices we serve.

As California continues to go green, we are working to set the standard in business recycling services. Through SB 1270, the Governor, Legislators, and State Agencies are requesting more jobs become available to the over 220,000 people with developmental disabilities in the state who can and want to work. Our goal is to set the standard as a non-profit which provides meaningful jobs and fair wages for people with developmental disabilities. We appreciate all who use Southside Art Center’s Recycling Services as they, too, help people with developmental disabilities become active citizens in their lives.