Today, we pick up materials from over 300 businesses in the community and provide jobs to people with developmental disabilities!

In 1990, Southside Art Center teamed with the Sacramento Local Conservation Corps (SLCC) to provide recycling jobs as product sorters for six people with developmental disabilities. The participating workers proved their ability, which helped Southside Art Center learn about the recycling industry and become a part of the professional recycling community. We worked collboratively with SLCC until funds were no longer available in 1998.

Further in 1992, Southside Art Center received a grant from the California Department of Conservation to start a program for recycling in the Sacramento area. The grant provided start-up money for a truck and salaries for a team of two of our workers who, along with a staff driver, established a pick-up route. The grant also helped us start an in-house sorting team of six people with a sorting supervisor. This team separated the materials into types of paper, plastics, glass, and aluminum.

In 1999, C & C Recycling started partnering with Southside Art Center to provide recycling to more businesses in the greater Sacramento Area. C & C graciously donated another truck for us to operate two routes and effectively pick up more businesses. We currently operate in Downtown/Midtown Sacramento, West Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and Folsom.

In 2007, the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) contracted with Southside Art Center to provide services to all State Agency buildings in the greater Sacramento Area. Along with our current sub-contractor, C & C Recycling, we have continued to be the most efficient, dependable and effective recycling company for state agencies under the CIWMB contract.

Today, we pick up materials from over 300 businesses in the community and provide jobs at commensurate, minimum or above minimum wages to people with developmental disabilities. We also contact with various state agenciesand continue to expand our business to provide important jobs for adults with developmental disabilities and to help the environment.