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You can hire people with developmental disabilities secure jobs in our community and keep our environment clean! Southside Art Center has several recycling pick-up plans to meet your business’ needs. Our pick up fee are from $39.00 per pick up to negotiable rates depending upon your business needs.

If you do not have recycling bins, you can purchase 27-gallon bins from us at $10.00 a piece, including tax. Southside’s bins are constructed from reinforced cardboard and are rated to hold over 150lbs. They look great in your office and are themselves recyclable.

Please separate your White Paper from your Mixed Paper & Newspaper. White Paper is any white paper, including envelopes, with black or colored lettering. Mixed Paper is white paper with lots of colored graphics; magazines; notebook paper; colored paper; and linen or woven paper. See FAQs for more information on how to sort paper to help us maintain efficient recycling going and jobs available for adults with developmental disabilities.

Extra pick-ups beyond those regularly scheduled will be an additional $39.00 per pick up.

COST SAVINGS WITH PICK-UPS BY BUILDING, RATHER THAN BY COMPANY: For offices within one building, please have your property management negotiate a building-wide charge and designate central pick-up locations with Southside Art Center.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Southside Art Center’s Recycling Department can pick up broken down cardboard, CA redemption cans, and CA redemption plastic. We can also process large orders of confidential materials or files for a competitive fee.

There is an additional sorting charge of $10.00 per bin for bins that are contaminated with garbage or cardboard. (There is no extra charge if the cardboard is in its own bin.)

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

For more details on all our recycling services, please contact our Recycling Supervisor, Bob Dryer: (916) 387-8080 ext. 233 or emailing