“Last year I bought a series of masks at Southside to give for Christmas gifts and could not part with them. I bring these masks into my university class to show examples of creativity uncontaminated.”

— Dr. Sue Anne Foster, Art Dept. CSUS

In addition to the Southside Art Center Gallery and the site-specific commissioned art, Southside Art Center sells our art directly from our studios in Sacramento and Auburn. You are warmly welcome to visit, take a tour, meet the artists, peruse the art and check out our programs. Southside’s talented artists at Southside would love to meet you and show you their work.

You might want to commission a bird bath, - you can choose the colors and theme, - or a portrait of a loved one. Our pricing is modest for such singular art. If you’d like to take a tour or place an order, please contact Matt Bedwell at (916) 387-8080 or via email at bedwell@southsideartcenter.com.